Violins of the Holocaust Restored in Israel 


Amnon Weinstein, a master violin maker in Tel Aviv, had a lifetime ambition to collect and restore violins from all over Europe that were once owned and played by Jewish musicians who perished under the Nazi regime.


Amidst unspeakable suffering, these instruments have survived, each with its own story.


“These violins, for me, represent six million people and speak for those silenced in the Holocaust.”


Weinstein’s parents safely fled Europe in 1938, only to later learn that more than 400 relatives died in the Holocaust.


Decades later, when Weinstein was asked to restore a violin that was played in a concentration camp, it was the beginning of a mission that led to an entire collection of over 60 violins.


Audiences worldwide have appreciated the significance and power of these incredible performances.

Southern New Jersey is honored to host the violins through these programs:

Violins of Hope: Strings of the Holocaust

Screeening: October 29 - 7pm - Katz JCC


Student Educational Programming:

December 4,5, & 6

Violins of Hope Concert

December 7 - 8pm, Temple Beth Sholom


String Quartet Performance

December 8 - 11am, Lahn Social Hall, Katz JCC

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