Raab/Goodwin Junior Upstander Award 



We have all witnessed acts of prejudice and unkindness. So much of the time, it is easier for us just to look away. But what does it take to be an Upstander, to disrupt the negative action and show kindness, especially for someone different from ourselves? Fourth and fifth-grade students are just beginning to grapple with these tough questions. The new Raab/Goodwin Junior Upstander Award is a chance for these students to tell their story of being an Upstander.



Award Eligibility:

Students must be in 4th or 5th grade

Students must be from Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, or Salem County

An adult sponsor must verify the details of the story

Adult sponsors may be teachers, principals, religious leaders, or activity/club/troop leaders

Application Deadline - May 17, 2024


Click here for application packet