Israel Advocacy & Engagement

The State of Israel’s safety, security and prosperity is of utmost importance to the Jewish Community Relations Council of Southern New Jersey and the broader Jewish South Jersey community. Our JCRC supports this mission by offering community education on Israel; promoting travel to Israel; cultivating relationships with political, interfaith and community leaders; and supporting national efforts through our partnership with the Jewish Council for Public Affairs.


Below you will find a complete list of programming the JCRC of SNJ offers as well as education about the State of Israel, ways that you can support Israel in your everyday life, and information about traveling to Israel.


If you would like to join our efforts so support the Jewish homeland, please consider signing up for the JCRC of SNJ's Israel Advocacy Initiative.


Schedule a presentation of the "Understanding Israel" multimedia presentation which was developed by the Jewish Community Relations Council of Southern New Jersey to offer audiences the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the State of Israel and the Middle East. 


The presentation can be tailored to meet the needs of specific audiences and we always strive to work within the time allocated which can range between 45 and 90 minutes. 


The program is free of charge and is available for groups between 1-1,000. 


Questions? Contact Aaron Sauer at 


*Supported by a grant from the Eva & Marvin Schlanger Family Foundation


History of Israel

The chronology of the state of Israel - from ancient times to modern day – is provided here. You will also find helpful tools and links about Israel, its history, its people, its quest for a lasting peace.

Current Events

The following organizations and their resources are powerful advocates and supporters of Israel.  These sites provide you with information about current affairs and useful resources.

Ways to Support Israel

Advocacy and Awareness

There are many ways you can support and express solidarity with Israel and take action.

Know the Facts

Stay informed. Educate yourself on the issues. Read the news. Local news sources like The Jewish Community Voice.  But also go beyond local news coverage. Follow the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Jerusalem Post, The Forward, YNet News or Globes.

Spread the Word

Communicate the key messages to others. Send a letter to the editor. Call in to a local radio show. Click here for AIPAC talking points and updated information to be used in conversation, or even radio call-ins. 

Engage on Social Media

Show your support for Israel by sharing accurate information with your friends and peers.  Social Media provides you multiple venues through which you can show your support for Israel. Using this medium allows you to share accurate information about Israel with your friends and peers

We suggest following and engaging with these accounts

Implement Programs

Volunteer with the Jewish Community Relations Council of Southern New Jersey and help us to plan events throughout South Jersey. 

Get Others Involved

Involve your parents, children and grandchildren in all of these endeavors. This may be the most important action all of us can take for ourselves, for our future and for Israel. to contact the Find ways to educate your kids about Israel through the Center for Jewish Education or The Israeli Embassy

Get Political

It is important to keep an appropriate balance between letters urging action, letters expressing disappointment, and whenever you contact your legislators, always make sure to follow-up their action on our behalf with a thank you. Even if you know your representative is a strong supporter of Israel, saying "thank you" and urging ongoing support is important. We cannot take their support for granted. Click here to find your local legislators. 

Media Watch

Monitor and respond to the media, in writing or to radio shows. You can monitor the media with the help of anti-bias organizations such as CAMERA - Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America and MEMRI - Middle East Research Institute.

Invest in Israel

Invest in Israel and Israeli companies. Contact the Consulate General of Israel to the Mid-Atlantic or Israel Bonds. We also encourage you to consider investing in Peace. Invest in Peace is a coalition of people who support the self-determination of Palestinians and Israelis and are dedicated to championing efforts on the ground that move these societies towards a shared future of coexistence and prosperity.

Israel Advocacy Initiative

The JCRC Israel Advocacy Initiative (IAI) serves as a resource for individuals and organizations in the Southern New Jersey community on the latest information, trends, issues, and advocacy opportunities in support of Israel.


Interested in becoming involved with the JCRC and our IAI Committee, please contact:

Aaron Sauer, Israel & Holocaust Education Fellow 

"I learned more about Israel during this one hour than I have over the last dozen years."

- Pastor, Methodist Church


"I can't believe how little I knew about the history and complexities shaping the current challenges facing Israelis today."

- Teacher, New Jersey