Government Affairs


The Jewish Community Relations Council of Southern New Jersey works with other community and educational organizations to advocate for the security and well-being of the Jewish community.  By building relationships with our local government officials, we are able to call on them when we need them the most to support the Jewish people.


Through community programming and missions to Israel, our JCRC strives to educate and bring awareness to the security concerns, anti-Semitism, and international issues that are most pressing to the Jewish community and Israel.


Israel - a historic and modern, vibrant, democratic nation


why events in the Middle East are important and relevant to us as Americans


people to engage in constructive dialogue by learning the facts


"Having been to Israel helped me realize how much misinformation I had been exposed to over the years.  I wish I had the opportunity to see this program years ago." 


-Pastor Jonathan Leath, Destiny Church


"Visiting Israel provided me with unparalleled insight int its unique history and culture. I continue to encourage friends and colleagues alike to learn more about Israel through firsthand experiences and programs like Understanding Israel."


- James Beach, New Jersey State Senator, 6th Legislative District


"Despite its challenging neighborhood, Israel continues to lead the region democratically, economically and in human rights.  Our alliance with Israel is an incredible asset for the United States."


- Donald Norcross, New Jersey Congressman, 1st Congressional District

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