Resources for Combating Antisemitism

As antisemitism continues to rise across the country and in our own community, the Jewish Community Relations Council of Southern New Jersey is working diligently with its partners throughout the state and the country to combat this hatred and maintain the safety of Jews everywhere.


It is up to every one of us to stand up against antisemitism and call it out when we see it. On this page, you can learm more about antisemitism and the steps you can take to fight it.  

Understanding Antisemitism

What is Antisemitism?

The hostility to or prejudice against the Jewish people. Classical antisemitism is aimed at the Jewish people or the Jewish religion, "new antisemitism" is aimed at the Jewish state.


The 3 Ds of Antisemitism:

  • DEMONIZATION: When Israel and its leaders are labeled evil; when Israel’s actions are blown out of proportion; when Israel and Israelis are equated with Nazi Germany and Nazis, when Israel is seen as the sole cause for the situation in the Middle East.
  • DOUBLE STANDARDS: When Israel is singled out and criticized in an unfair manner.
  • DELEGITIMIZATION: When Israel’s fundamental right to exist is denied alone among all peoples of the world.

How to Approach Antisemitism

  • Jews are not responsible for defending all the decisions and actions Israel takes. Remember, politics and religion are different.
  • Seek out reliable information from credible sources to counteract false information. If you see something that contains false information, you can report it.


How to Respond to Antisemitism

  • Listen to listen, not to respond. Then address specific issues in a conversation rather than argue.
  • Create a discussion, study, or book group to learn more about antisemitism.
  • Avoid using anti-Jewish language or making references to Jewish stereotypes - even in jest.
  • Organize opportunities for meetings between lay members of different faiths to discuss antisemitism and the persecution of other groups.
  • Lobby public officials to take actions and make statements against antisemitism.
  • Regularly visit websites of human rights groups and organizations, such as the ADL, to keep current on antisemitic incidents and organized efforts to combat them.

Helpful tips from
“How to Fight Antisemitism”
by Bari Weiss

  • Trust your discomfort.

  • Call it out. Especially when it is hard.

  • Apply the kippah or Magen David test.

  • Don’t trust people who seek to divide Jews. Even if they are Jews.

  • Allow for the possibility of change.

  • Praise those who do the right thing.

  • We must fight anti-Semitism on our own side.

  • Stop blaming yourself/ourselves.

  • Never ask of yourself what you would not ask of another minority---and reverse.

  • Fight for Freedom.

  • Never, ever forget to love your neighbor.


What steps can I take?

Combat antisemitism on social media