We are outraged. You should be too, but Hate Did not Win!

We are outraged! You should be too, but Hate Did not Win! 

When a celebrity or politician's antisemitic remarks make headlines, it’s an opportunity to have a dialogue about bias.

In October, 2022, "Ye" (Kanye West), expressed biases using his media presence and social influence. He wore a “White Lives Matter” shirt at Paris Fashion week and shared conspiratorial stereotypes about Jewish people in interviews. He also took to Twitter and Instagram to double down on his bigoted comments and threaten Jewish people collectively, in addition to subsequest media interviews and announcements of the same. 

Eventually, Adidas formally severed ties with Kanye West (“Ye”), in the face of public pressure, after weeks of Ye spewing the vitriolic antisemitic remarks across social media and on other platforms. The news came on the heels of Balenciaga, CAA talent agency, the Gap and others terminating their relationship with Ye in previous days. When we come together to act against hatred, we can make a difference.

The fact that Ye is an entertainer sharing has false and harmful views, we must examine the impact of his speech on our community. Watching the discourse can be perplexing even for the most media-savvy of young people or adults. However, with the right tools, adults can turn viral social media posts and news stories into teachable moments for young people. See how the ADL addresses these questions to assist us in tackling this and similar challeges.

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