Welcome ShinShinim Young Ambassadors Program

The JCRC of Southern NJ is fortunate to partner with the Jewish Agency for Israel to bring ShinShinim to our community. The ShinShinim are Israeli high-school graduates who choose to defer their military service for a year of service abroad for August 2022-August 2023. They are carefully selected, recruited, trained, and sent to Jewish communities around the world to share Israel to diaspora communities.

These young Israeli ambassadors, Ella, and Lia have finally arrrived to our community to share their love and knowledge of Israel through various organizations in our community, synagogues, schools, and other local Jewish organizations. Together with our community, this is one of the important ways we are bringing Israeli culture, experiences, and connections to Southern New Jersey.

One of the main objectives of bringing ShinShinim to our community is to encourage Israel engagement through educational programming, through formal and informal social interactions, and by building relationships with community members. Ella and Lia will serve as Israeli cultural ambassadors throughout the community, building bridges between Israeli youth and Jewish communities, creating an educational dialogue between the two, strengthening our Jewish family ties, and building the foundation for a secure Jewish future.

Become a Shinshinim Host Family 

Local families will host one of our two visiting Israeli girls for some period of time while they are living and working within our community between their high school graduation and their service in the Israeli Military. We are so excited to welcome them to our community and we know you will be enriched by welcoming them into your home!


     "Hi I'm Ella. Here's a bit about me!                     "Hi I'm Lia. Here's a bit about me!"


Any questions: Contact our JCRC ShinShinim Project Coordinators...

JCRC Associate Director, Sabrina Spector: sspector@jfedsnj.org / 856-751-9500 x1108

JCRC Israel and Holocaust Education Fellow, Aaron Sauer: asauer@jfedsnj.org / 856-751-9500 x1404