Recent ADL Report Shows Drastic Rise in Antisemitism

Antisemitism continues to rise at an alarming rate according to the ADL Audit of Antisemitic Incidents 2021.  From verbal assaults to violent attacks, the ADL has tracked 2,717 antisemitic incidents throughout the United States. This 34% increase culminated with the Gaza-Israel conflict last May and has steadily increased throughout the year.

The State of New Jersey showed a third-year rise in antisemitic incidents with Southern New Jersey having an increase of 36%. ADL acknowledges that the reporting of incidents has certainly increased which adds to the significant growth. If you should have an incident in your school, neighborhood, or workplace, please contact us, the JCRC of SNJ! We are here to advocate for your rights against antisemitism! The 2021 Audit numbers would have been the highest recorded by ADL. Read the full report.

If you should see or hear of an incident in your neighborhood, please click here for our JCRC of SNJ Incident Report form or call David Snyder at 856-673-2571 or Sabrina Spector at 856-751-9500 x1108.