JCRC's Raab Goodwin Center Sponsors Haddonfield Trip to Holocaust Museum!

The Jewish Community Relations Council of SNJ's Raab Goodwin Center sponsored a trip to Washington DC's U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum on Friday February 10th, 2023!

Haddonfield New Jersey Students and Teachers embarked on a journey to visit Washington DC's United States Holocaust Memorial Museum with event t-shirts that said "Haddonfield" in English and Hebrew!

Student leaders from the Jewish American Cultural Club; Black Student Union; Asian American Culture Club; and the Gender Sexuality Alliance attended. A big Thank you to Chris Gwin for serving as our educational facilitator!

Following was feedback to our Raab Goodwin Center Director, Helen Kirschbaum, from a teacher, Mrs. Hughes, regarding the event:

"Having Chris on the trip with us was essential for framing the experience. In addition to everything Chris recounted, we led the students in a reflective exercise at the MLK Memorial where students shared what they appreciated, noticed, resented, wished, learned, etc. I am still struck by their insight and their collective wish that all students in Haddonfield could have this opportunity. I think our students and their parents are very grateful for this shared experience and its exponential impact."

"One student from another affinity club even emailed me a few hours after we got home"... 

"Hi Mrs. Hughes, I just wanted to thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to come on this trip today. It was extremely powerful and something I know will always stay with me. The impact it left on me is still sinking in, even now, and I wanted to express to you how grateful I am and how important it was. I also wanted to send you some of those photos from the Lincoln Memorial and reflecting pool. Thank you again, and have a good weekend!"

Following are two more thoughtful reactions from other students about their trip:

"Visiting the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and other Memorial Sites was the most impactful trip I have ever gone on for educational purposes. Learning about these events in a classroom does not resonate with you to the same extent as seeing the artifacts in front of your own eyes and listening to the stories of people who experienced it. I found myself getting lost in the vast amounts of information in front of me and the emotions I had to process. Never had these historical tragedies felt so real to me like they did upon visiting the museum. The trip makes you reevaluate your perceptions of hate and inequality and the message of taking action is one I wish to spread within my community. There is so much to learn not only about the Holocaust but in humanity itself, and this trip will forever stay with me." Moira G

"[This experience] put what we learn in school to a much more real level. We learn about statistics and horrible actions committed against people but seeing the film and artifacts and learning about the aftermath of what happened gave me a deeper understanding. Also hearing from a Holocaust survivor first hand was super eye opening and gave it a personal sense. Going on the trip meant a lot to me because I think education like this is necessary and our society has in a way become desensitized to things like genocide. History can repeat itself and being educated is crucial to preventing something like the Holocaust from ever happening again." Bri R.

Haddonfield High School students who visited the USHMM shared their experiences and the trip’s impact with members of the Haddonfield Board of Education at a recent meeting. They were (from left), Moira Geiger, anti-bias leader; Noah Berman, JACC officer; Charlotte Berman, JACC president; Helen Kirschbaum, Raab/Goodwin director; Jacob Seigel, JACC officer; and Asher Fred, Asian American Cultural Club member. Read Full Article: Raab/Goodwin Impacting Students in the Community!