JCRC of SNJ w/Project Shema is Looking for Lay Leaders & Community Members!

JCRC of SNJ in partnership with Project Shema is looking for lay leaders and community members to be part of Project Shema’s complete standard Jewish empowerment training for a cohort of up to 15 Jewish lay leaders!

Project Shema is an independent nonprofit organization that trains and supports the Jewish community and allies to understand and address modern antisemitism, with an emphasis on how anti-Jewish ideas can emerge in progressive spaces and in discourse around Israel and Palestine. Founded by Jewish leaders with deep ties in social justice movements, Project Shema brings a fresh, nuanced, humanizing approach to these challenging issues.
Participants will need to be able to commit to:
1. Two-hour virtual session – roughly one week before workshop 
2. Six-hour in person workshop 
3. Two-hour virtual debrief – roughly one week after workshop.
Participants in the cohort should:
1. Support the right of Jewish national self-determination regardless of the criticisms they have about Israeli government policy. 
2. Be able to express genuine empathy for the experiences of the Palestinian people. 
3. Self-Identify as part of the political left in America (for discussion and training purposes), even if they don’t use the word “progressive” to define themselves politically. 
4. Engage on issues that are important to the political left in America and therefore have relationships with non-Jewish peers who are also part of these spaces. 
5. Want to learn how to engage more productively on issues surrounding Israel/Palestine and antisemitism.

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