Dear Esther Back In Schools

Raab/Goodwin welcomes back in-person performances of DEAR ESTHER, the play by Richard Rashke, bringing to life the book, Letters to Esther. The book is based on a collection of children's letters received by Holocaust survivor Esther Terner-Raab after sharing her story with thousands of school children. Esther escaped with 300 other Jews from Sobibor, a Nazi death camp in eastern Poland.

It was the biggest escape of WWII and is depicted in the play as many of the letters to Esther are read by a narrator in the background. Prior to COVID-19 limiting in-person events, the play was performed an average of 4 times per year, impacting over 1,500 students. DEAR ESTHER, is a powerful testament to Esther Terner's strength and the empathy of the children that she touched!