Community Kristallnacht Observance: "Three Minutes - A Lengthening"

Community-Wide Kristallnacht Observance: A presentation of the film, "Three Minutes - A Lengthening!"

November 9th, 2022, 7:00pm, JCRC's Esther Raab Holocaust Museum and Goodwin Education Center at the Katz JCC Arts, Books, and Culture Festival, in our Lahn Social Hall, presents this incredible documentary, which traces the story of three minutes of home movie footage found by Glenn Kurtz, filmed by his Grandfather David Kurtz in 1938, the only known moving images left of the Jewish inhabitants of Nasielsk, Poland.

The footage ultimately leads to the identification of people and places otherwise erased from history, helping to connect a Holocaust survivor with his lost childhood. Following the screening of the film, community member Barbara Wilen, whose father was born in Nasielsk, will hold a post film discussion with the audience. 

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